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From the Commander:

Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP) 451st Squadron, Texas Wing, United States Air Force Auxiliary. Our squadron, which is a Seniors only squadron, is dedicated primarily to Emergency Services (ES) and other air and ground operational activities within the Greater Houston Area. Our Squadron, known as the “Hobby Senior Squadron”, meets at Hobby Airport’s Million Air Fixed Base Operator’s (FBO) downstairs conference room on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. During these meetings, we conduct necessary business as well as conduct training, ensuring our readiness to respond to any eventuality that may befall Houston or the surrounding area.

This squadron is comprised primarily of flight crews made up of Mission Pilots (MP), Observers (MO) and Scanners (MS), as well as a host of other ES professionals conducting ground/communication activities in support of air operations. It is the goal of this group of professional Airmen to ensure a ready and rapid response in the event of situations requiring ES intervention such as natural disasters, infrastructure impairment/destruction and acts of sedition against our community. Although the CAP is not part of any armed enforcement entity conducting enforcement, securement or investigative activities, it is our job to respond to any lifesaving and/or disaster assessment events created in the aftermath of these and other kinds of incidents.

Operationally our squadron, along with other squadrons in the Group IV region places assets in the air and on the ground in support of these kinds of situations. Our flight crews preform Search and Rescue (SAR), Disaster Response (DR), damage assessment and data collection sorties. Our ground team perform similar activities on the ground, often directed to critical areas by our air assets. All of these activities are done for a large variety of clients including the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the State of Texas and a host of other ES organizations throughout Texas and the United States.

Please, take the time to review our site as well as the CAP national site to learn more about this critical and dynamic organization. Our roots go back to just prior to the US’ formal involvement in World War II when this organization was officially founded (December 1, 1941, just 6 days before the attack on Pearl Harbor) and it continues today playing a vital role as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Total Force, joining the regular, guard and reserve forces as American “Airmen”.

Come and see who and what we are. Meet the Officers and rest assured each and every one of them contributes his/her skills to the betterment of our community, each impacting upon the long and distinguished history of the Official “United Stated Air Force Auxiliary”.

Capt Donald W Callan, CAP
Commander, SWR-TX-451

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